Saturday, November 02, 2013

Halloween 2013

This is Dracula's wife.

She's got some cool glow in the dark teeth.

Me, I'm a witch like every other year. :)

This is our little pumpkin.  She left the hood on long enough for the picture and that was it.

Ethan went trick or treating as himself.

Carlie and I went trick or treating with the family for about two blocks then we went home.  My hands were just too cold.  It was sprinkling the entire time we were out, but luckily Carlie was in a jogger stroller, nice and warm with her blankets.  Her siblings were nice enough to share candy with her.

Lexi dressed up as a witch again and I didn't seem to get a picture, but this is her after taking a warm bath & drinking hot cocoa.  Look at all that candy mommy gets to eat. ;)

Ethan ate a lot of candy as he was trick or treating and it looks like the sugar has finally gone to his head.

This is our candy monster.  She loves to eat candy.  Can you tell?

*pics taken 10/31/13

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