Friday, November 01, 2013

Carving & Decorating Pumpkins

Last night for FHE we carved and decorated pumpkins and it was so much fun.

Well, Carlie was having fun until it was time to take a picture.
She didn't carve anything, but she had a great time drawing on paper and touching pumpkin guck.

The pumpkin on the left we decided to carve on it's side because it would stand up.  It worked out perfectly to use the stem as a nose.  Ethan and I carved this pumpkin.  The pumpkin on the right Kalin designed & carved all by herself.  It's a cute pirate pumpkin.

This cute witch is the pumpkin Lexi received from school to enter in a contest at school.
Thanks to Daddy's help, this pumpkin has a cool witch's nose.

This is Lexi before school on crazy hair pj day.

This is the pumpkin that Ethan carved for the pumpkin carving contest at his school.  It is his own design with a little help from his dad.

*pics taken  10/23/13, 10/28/13 & 10/29/13

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