Thursday, August 19, 2010

New Favorite Utah Place

We love Thanksgiving Point and we love their gardens, but we wanted to do only "Free" things.

Their reception gardens are free, so we toured them.
Ethan LOVES plants, so the kids had a wonderful exploring all the plants.

This picture is in front of the small waterfall in their reception gardens.
This is our new favorite place to stop and eat, their Ice Cream Shop.
We went here twice for ice cream & frozen yogurt.
When we lived in UT years ago, we used to drive to Thanksgiving point just to eat their creamy frozen yogurt. We forgot how much we loved it until this last trip. Can I say YUM!!!
*pics taken 08/12/2010

1 comment:

Mashaide said...

Love that place too! It's so beautiful! Love those cute little kids.


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