Friday, January 08, 2010

(My Husband Rocks) "Us" Time!

My Husband Rocks because he toke me on this wonderful get-away!!
Thanks to Matthew's AWESOME mom and sister we were able to have a little get-away to celebrate our 13 year anniversary. I know it was a month late, but so worth it! Love my hubby!
It was so nice to be in a bigger city and to be able to choose out of the many places to eat. We decided on one of our favorite places! Just seeing this picture makes me want to go there right now!

It was so yummy and we couldn't even eat it all. Love PF Changs & "to-go" boxes!
Can you tell by the smiles on our faces that we sooooo love food--especially good food!
We were able to stay at the fantastic "Anniversary Inn". We've been here before and would recommend it to anyone looking for a nice get-away with your lovey.

Since we were kid-less we decided to go to a movie. We'd really wanted to see Avatar and it did not disappoint. The theater was cool because it had "reserved seating", so we got to choose our seats in the theater. (We totally could have used that back home for New Moon, huh girls?)

We even fit in another one of our favorites. If you eat a little, you can eat at more places!!
We had some AMAZING lasagna!
Oh man this post is making me crazy hungry for some yummy food!!
With my handsome husband of 13 years!
Our yummy breakfast in bed. I so wish I could have breakfast delivered to me every morning. I could totally get used to that :)
Thank you Matthew for a wonderful day away! Love you!!
Thanks again to Matthew's mom and sister for watching our childrens!
They had such a fun time hangin out with you both.
Too bad we don't have family closer so we could get-away more often!
*pics taken 12/29/09 & 12/30/09


Olayan Family said...

You two are so cute! Happy 13 years!

Tiffany said...

so jealous! Looks like a wonderful time. Congrats on 13 years. All I want for my anniversary is a husband living in the same house as me. Think it can happen in two months? I sure hope so!

Dora Thomas said...

Congratulations! What fun celebration. You sure look happy. Our 15 anniversary is in a month and you inspire me to really have a fun/ full day with my hottie.

Team Jogan said...

awesome congrats! ive never eaten at PF Changs, but I've always wanted to

Mashaide said...

Oh Matthew I guess I love you too for being so wonderful to my sister! Glad you were able to celebrate!

Jennifer said...

You are so sweet Sis. Thank you for thanking us. We loved having the chirens.....something that I don't get to enjoy with them very often. Honestly, if you guys ever want to do that again, I'm your girl. Love ya beautiful. You are inside and out!


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