Thursday, January 07, 2010

We finally got to indulge!!

Ever since In-N-Out opened in UT, I've been getting photos emailed & texted to me from my lovely family just to rub it in. Matthew and I are from Cali and always make a point to go to In-N-Out when we go home, but now we only have to drive 4 hours for this lovely meal :)

That double and those animal fries are not mine--really I promise!
Lexi mostly loved the stickers and not so much the food. Crazy girl!

I guess all the kids went sticker crazy. That's 'cause the employees gave them lots of stickers. Anyway, the kids are more the "shake" types than hamburger types & they loved those!

We're happy to be eating yummy food and to be together as a family!

*pics taken 12/30/09


Anonymous said...

wow, that looked really yummy! If only I liked In 'n out. :)

Team Jogan said...

someday.... ive never had it!!! someday! i love fries... so eventually ive got to try them!


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