Saturday, January 09, 2010

Original Italian Sauce!!!

One of the many wonderful benefits of being married to an Italian is that I get to eat some pretty AWESOME food. I'm so lucky because my husband CAN COOK and Italian has always been one of my favorite types of food. Man am I lucky!!!
Growing up my hubby used to spend Christmas day at his Grandpa's house and he would eat a yummy Italian meal cooked by his Grandpa. Since we've been married we've tried to carry on this tradition in our own family because it's such a yummy treat and we LOVE our food. Plus it means I don't have to cook ;) Actually, this year I did help cook. I think his plan is to teach me how to do it all, so he won't have to any more. I better start playing dumb!
This year we knew we would be going to Utah to visit family after Christmas, so Matthew decided to make a lot of sauce so we could take some to his family. He made 3 pots of it and a million meatballs (actually it was only 4 pounds) & I'm so happy because now I have some in the freezer ready to enjoy at a moments notice!!

Now this just looks like 3 pots of whateva, but believe me, you haven't had sauce until you've tasted this...
Ummm, those of you that have tried it know what I mean and you're probably drooling by now! Too bad you don't live closer to us so we could share it with you.

This is Matthew's wonderful family all gathered in UT all ready to GRUB!

Another family shot. The kids are on the floor in case you're wondering where they are. We did feed them ;)
It was so fun to spend time with family and eat some yummy sauce at the same time. We always enjoy grubbin with our family. Thanks Brian for being an awesome host!
**don't even think of asking me for the recipe 'cause it's a family secret and Matthew won't give it up. Well, maybe for the right price. You'll just have to come over for dinner and wish you had the recipe ;)
*sauce pics taken 12/25/09 & other pics taken 12/30/09


brit said...

i still can't believe that after living by you for 3 years, matthew didn't cook it for me. ahhh...looks like i really missed out. and to think i even shared the nygren tacos with him. he owes me. maybe if we ever make it back to rexburg:)

Anonymous said...

ok, you officially need to invite us over for an italian dinner! I'll bring the salad and dessert!

Mashaide said...

Oh man oh man that looks good! Too bad it would probably give me some serious indigestion and heart burn right now. I don't care though I'd still eat it. Ummmmmmm!

The Perry Family said...

I want some!!!


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