Sunday, January 10, 2010

This is what happens when you have an older sister...

We had the opportunity to spend New Years Eve with my brothers and their families in UT and these are a few pictures I snapped of the kids.

I just love this picture because Maka is dressed in a princess dress, sunglasses, jewelry and the cape for added masculinity! Oh yeah and the little one in a grass skirt--too cute! Can you tell they have an older sister who likes to dress up?

We got to play games (NYE wouldn't be complete without games!) and as you can see, the kids entertained themselves just fine! They had a meal with all the trimmings.
Our kids love any opportunity to play with their cousins! They always hate it when they have to leave :( So do I.
Welcome all to twenty-ten!
*pics taken 12/31/09


Mashaide said...

I miss all my nieces and nephews!

The Perry Family said...

Yay! Less than 2 weeks and we can do it again!

lelly said...

happy new year!!


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