Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Our Annual Girls' Night Cocoa Party

You've always got to start with the invite. This is the cute invitation and if you couldn't tell, the theme is snow. It's a little snow globe if you couldn't tell :)
A few of the party details...
These branches were a lot of fun to spray paint. We sprayed them with the fake snow while we were standing out in the snow!
We had to place them out of the way because every time you touched them, the snow would fall everywhere! If you're thinking of doing this, spray paint them white instead :)
The spread. In the center is our pile of snowballs. Those were fun to spray snow on too :)

We had picture frames to label each food item.

Cheese ball with snowflake crackers.

Those snowflake cookies I posted about before.

Donut holes that were supposed to be powdered sugar donut holes. We ordered them from the store and they were glazed, not powdered sugar. We had to roll them in powdered sugar to get the snowball effect.

Yummy cake pops. You can find the recipe here.

More snowflake sugar cookies.

Isn't this the cutest party favor ever?
Thanks to my creative friends these are just ADORABLE!
Of course there's something yummy inside too--cake pops!

The table of party favors. I love the hanging snowflake!

One of the best things about our cocoa party is getting together with all these wonderful women! (Wish we could have gotten our photographer, Lynne in the picture too)

The Hostesses

My most favorite picture of the night! Hopefully, they won't kill me for posting it!

The absolute best thing about throwing our cocoa parties is getting to spend so much time prepping with these two AWESOME ladies! This is how much fun I have with this girls! Love them!

A HUGE thanks again to Tiffany and Lynne for their creativity, talent and hard work at putting this all together. And thanks for hosting it at your house again Lynne!

*all the amazing pictures were taken by Lynne on 12/11/09


Tiffany said...

It was so fun to do! Thanks for everything.

Joseph and Mary + Six said...

You guys did it again! Everything was amazing. I wish I could've stayed and really joined the party but I'm glad I got to see firsthand the beautiful masterpiece! Listen to me, I'm like a groupie or something! ;D

Leah said...

Okay, I looked for the recipe on the site you told me to and I can't find it. I really want to make it. Can you send me the recipe??? Everything looked beautiful!!!

Camille said...

Everything looked great, and it was such a fun party, thanks!


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