Thursday, December 17, 2009

Congrats Matthew!!!

for receiving Continuing Faculty Status (CFS) (BYU Idaho's version of tenure)!!!

Continuing Faculty Status is granted upon demonstration by the faculty member to the satisfaction of the university that the faculty member has performed his or her job duties with a high degree of professionalism, has conducted oneself in an exemplary manner consistent with the Honor Code and the standards and values of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and through the probationary period has acquired appropriate degree credentials (minimum expectation: master’s degree). (source:

We're so proud of you and all you've accomplished in life to get here!! Woohoo!!
Now you know where we'll be for the next 30 years :)

We just had to take the opportunity to celebrate!!

Of course Matthew picked Texas Roadhouse--who wouldn't!!

*dinner pic taken 12/16/09


Joseph and Mary + Six said...

Congratulations! Both of you! We're so glad you're not going anywhere anytime soon!

Tiffany said...

yeah for Matthew!!!!

Lali Johnson said...

Congratulations Matthew!!! That's wonderful!

Mashaide said...

We had no doubt Matt could do it. You're amazing! Love you for taking such good care of my sister and nieces & nephew. You are a stud!

Anita &; Mike Miller said...

Hurray!!!! We are proud of you Matthew! I know that behind a great man is a very supportive and uplifting wife! We are happy for the both of you!


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