Saturday, October 10, 2009

It's starting to look like Halloween!

Yesterday we decided to spookify our house!
I admit that I was never much into Halloween as an adult. I always loved decorating the house and dressing up when I was a kid, but not so much as an adult. Enter Matthew into the picture! He loooooves Halloween and so do our kids!! Every year I get more into it and of course, buy more decorations!

The kids absolutely love the spider webs, so here Matthew is trying to string it all over the living room.
In this picture I love Ethan's face and see Lexi trying with all her might to put a spider on the web that is about 4 feet above her head!

Here is our very small graveyard complete with a coffin & bowl full of skulls.

Gotta have some spooky candles and potions!
Mashaide, maybe we should come to your house to fill these jars!
Actually I'm going to fill them with candy. That should be a hit for the kids!
You know they're going to sneak in it all day long!
What would Halloween be without it anyway!!

There just has to be cute halloweeny decor along with the creepy.

This area is a little crowded, but I have to show off my pumpkins, 'cause I love pumpkin decor!
Oh yeah & this is my new clock that I've been waiting for months to get! It was less than $5 bucks at Real Deals because I had a 15% off coupon and a $5 gift card from their last open house. I LOOOOOVE a good deal!!
It was the perfect color to match my living room decor, but the store was out of them months ago. The very nice lady who runs the store has been searching for one of these for me at her other store and they just found one when they were going through their back room. She was so sweet and saved it for me for over two weeks! I guess you can tell that I go in there A LOT!

This was my new find at last year's Halloween clearance sales!

More pumpkins! Did I say I like pumpkins? This is not the half of it :)
*pics taken 10/09/09


Mashaide said...

It's looking good! I wish I was that enthusiastic!

Tiffany said...

Oh, I want to get my stuff out. It looks great!

Joseph and Mary + Six said...

Looks awesome! You always have the cutest decorations! I love the giant spider web, my kids wanted to do something like that and I vetoed it but I love it in your house! :D

The Perry Family said...

so cute! love it!


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