Thursday, October 08, 2009

Imaginisce I-top

Look what arrived in the mail today!!! A box of goodies! Awhile ago, I left a comment on a blog and I won this awesome giveaway!

I got all these awesome goodies just for leaving a comment! Who says you can't win from leaving comments!!

I'm so excited, I just can't hide it! Now this should inspire me to get to work on something crafty :)


The Perry Family said...

Whatever! Congrats! Must have been a good comment!

Joseph and Mary + Six said...

That's awesome Dacia!! Looks like some really fun stuff!

Olayan's said...

Dang I'm so gonna start trying to win things!! COngrats!! o and just so you know if you don't wanna put that stuff to use ... I could help you out!

Tiffany said...

Yeah for you, looks like some fun things, get to it girl.

Jennifer said...

Wow! you lucky duck.
Happy for you.

A Happy Heart Blog said...

How fun!

Mashaide said...

WOW! Lucky you! I never win anything.

Lali Johnson said...

Just for leaving a comment? Amazing. Tell me more :)
have fun with all your new stuff.


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