Monday, October 19, 2009

Family Night Fun!

We didn't grow pumpkins this year so we decided to go buy some for FHE.
This is our pumpkin patch--Broulim's grocery store!

They have this little mini straw maze in the front of their store and there are pumpkins through-out. Of course the kids had to check out all the pumpkins before choosing theirs'.
This is Lexi's pumpkin. Of course she's happy to have the "little" one. She requested we find her a little one and Ethan found this one for her.

This is the one Kalin chose, but of course it was too heavy for her to carry.

You can barely see Ethan because it was pretty dark, but he's coming out of the maze.

For dessert we thought it would be fun to make donuts. The recipe I saw on and wanted to try was Spiced Pumpkin Doughnuts.

It's okay if they're not so round going in the fryer, 'cause they puff up and then you're good.
Nothing like a little grease to end your day with!
Every thing's better covered in spiced sugar!!
Doesn't this close-up just make you want to lick the screen?

Mountain of temptation!!!

The biggest problem is I started working out and watching what I eat! This plate of donuts is calling my name and will be for the next few days, so I better put them in everyones' lunches!

*pics taken 10/19/09


Team Jogan said...

MMMM!! Those look delicious!

Hokanson Family said...

so where they good?

Dacia said...

They are good! And that's my real problem, because they're still on my counter!

Yoli said...

Dacia, your family is so cute. I love all the cute things you do for your family!

Anonymous said...

you're so domesticated Dacia :) Those looked really yummy!

Mashaide said...

Lexi is so cute! She looks so happy about her pumpkin. It's so fun to see your kids happy about the littlest things. And mmmmm those look good. We're doing sugar cookies tonight. I hear ya on the sweets. I just can't stay away from them.

The Perry Family said...

stop making so much goodness, I can barely stand it. Seriously, I could eat doughnuts like there is no tomorrow, and those look soooooooooo good! I love that cute Lu Lu face. Those were some good pumpkin picks!


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