Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Few More Decor Pictures

We also decorated some on the outside of our house this year.

This is the porch.
I can't believe my flowers are still alive! Crazy warm weather!

And the door.

A close up of my pumpkins.

I just love this sign and witches boots. I was so excited because I wanted these boots last year, but I was strong and waited until Halloween was over and I got them for a steal!
And now I can use them this year!!

I've seen all these pumpkin topiaries all over the Internet and I wanted to do them in my outside pots. So, last week I went shopping to find the cheapest pumpkins I could find, so I could make these for cheap. I got my pumpkins at Roberts for 50% off and at Michaels for way cheap.
These were super easy to make. I just took off the stems of the middle pumpkins and then stuck a dowel down the middle of all three pumpkins and wrapped a fall leaf garland around it. I used the dowel so I could stick it down in the dirt and the kids wouldn't take off with my fake pumpkins :) Oh yeah, the garland I got for only $2 a strand. I'm always lovin the good deal!
Hope you enjoyed that Mom!


brit said...

it looks good! i have been so lazy this year, i haven't put up any halloween decorations:(

Trish said...

I love your Halloween decor!! I was brave this year and put a huge spider web and spider on our porch, I’ll have to get some pics of it.

Rolyndia said...

Love the decorations, especially the pumpkins.

Anonymous said...

I love the topiary, very cute

The Perry Family said...

You are good! You're right, that witch sign and boots, awesome! Love the great deals and creativity! It's so fun to have a festive house. I remember I loved it as kids.

kristib said...

That metal pumpkin cauldron is fabulous! I love it!

Cassie said...

The topiary is darling, way to go!

Katy said...

I love the witch's boots, and I need a pair for my front porch. Where did you get them?

Thanks for always leaving sweet comments on my blog.

Anita &; Mike Miller said...

Wow! good buy! I love the decorations!


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