Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cookie Overload!

As if the cookies weren't enough the first 3 times--I made more!! This must be some kind of medical condition called cookie overloaditis!

I had sugar cookie dough left in the fridge and I needed treats for our cub scout "scouting for food" extravaganza (not really, we just spent an hour or so with running boys passing out flyers to a million student apartments), so I decided to make these. They were a lot of fun and my kids loved how they looked like candy corns.

I can seriously smell them in my mind as I'm typing this. It really must be a condition! Oh yeah, that's not a condition, it's just the fact that I'm limiting my sweets intake! Bummer deal for trying to exercise and eat right. Good thing I have kids & a hubby to eat all these goodies!
*pics taken 10/20/09


Cassie said...

Those look soo yummy!!

Lali Johnson said...

they do look like candy corn! how fun!

Mashaide said...

Hey can you send me your sugar cookie recipe. The one I tried the other day wasn't for cookie cutters and it really bummed me out. I want to make cookies with the girls next week and need a really good recipe. Oh and maybe your icing recipe as well. By the way those look so yummy!

a happy heart blog. said...

Not only do they remind me of how good candy corn is, but they are actually cookies! Yummy!

Katy said...

Those cookies are amazing!

The Perry Family said...

I really like those ones. They turned out cute! Can I have your sugar cookie recipe too?! Good for you exercising and eating good. I gotta get the eating good down and I'll be a super model-HA!


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