Thursday, September 03, 2009

More Mesa Falls

This is Ethan looking down.

Kids looking down at the falls. I just thought this was such a cute picture, so I had to share!

At least there are stairs and we didn't have to scale the mountain side!

Lexi getting some sort of instructions from her sister.

Cute little girls.

Visitors center that used to be a lodge. They have some really cool animal skins, bug collections and such in the visitors center. Ethan LOVED it!!

Lower falls at Mesa Falls.

Family sitting on the stone wall while Mommy worries about kids too close to the edge.

You can't really tell from this picture how high up it is, but it's quite scary.

There's a little more perspective here. I kept telling the kids to get away from the ledge 'cause I'm ultra scared some child will fall down the cliff.

Now this is what they were really, really into, rather than the falls. Yes, you see it, it's a spider! They couldn't get enough of it's web and they insisted that I get a picture. I had to stick my camera over the rail and point it at the underside of the rail to get this picture. I actually stuck my hand in it's web on accident. Gives me the heebie jeebies just thinking about it.

You can hardly see this one because my camera kept focusing on the background, but they wanted pictures so bad, I had to take them.
Did I mention that I HATE spiders! I even pay to have the outside of my house sprayed so they will STAY AWAY from me!!!

Then they found this caterpillar and I told them I'd take a picture, but they couldn't pick it up. If I'd let them, it would now be a part of our lovely slug collection in a jar on our porch! Why oh why, do they want to keep bugs?

A close up. Ethan explained that spot to everyone. I never realize how much bug information he has in his head until we find some type of bug and he begins to explain things I've never taught him. He's such the little researcher!


brit said...

i thought matthew was the one scared of spiders, and you were the tough one.

Joseph and Mary + Six said...

So fun. I just love Mesa Falls. Your girls are so cute on that bench! That spider was really creepy!! I too hate spiders.

John and Trina Busch said...

My neighbor thought it would be funny to bring home a HUGE tarantula just to see his wife go crazy. I had spiders in my dreams for a week! yuk! I miss mesa falls!

Mashaide said...

SO what is the spot on the caterpillars head?

Amanda said...

The pics of the girls on the bench together is just so cute! Lexi looks like she is getting to be a big girl. Beautiful family.


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