Monday, August 31, 2009

Little Town, Big Imagination

Last week the kids were down in the basement making quite the creation. They were building their own town with all the little details. They kept coming into my craft room looking for different colored paper that they could tear or crumple up to look like something else. It was nice to watch them work together and to see them enjoy each others' company!!

This guy is hard at work hauling dirt!

I just love the little details. Look at how much time they spent on tearing little pieces of paper to look like dirt. Love it!

They had to put up construction cones so the train wouldn't go off the track.

There's even a cave that they are mining for crystals.

Don't you love the colored paper they used to look like dirt and crystals?

This guy is helping to build the railroad.

Of course there's a race track...

and a park...

and you always need a floating helipad.
If you click on the picture and it enlarges, please excuse any dirt you see on the floor. I didn't realize taking a picture that close would show all those lovely details. Maybe I should have vacuumed before they played :)

*pics taken 8/24/09


L and L and R said...

Goodness, Dacia, your little ones are really following in your crafty footsteps! Very cute.
Thanks for always commenting on my are very faithful. I'm more of the stealth follower of blogs. I read them and run. :-) But, today, I decided I needed to leave you a comment. Have a great day!
Lisa H.

brit said...

that is so clever (and fun)!!

kristib said...

Incredible details! It looks like a display a toy store would set up to show what you can do with the set. I'm impressed!

Trish said...

What creative kiddos you have there! But what else? With such a creative mommy!!

Mashaide said...

I love the imagination! I'm always encouraging the girls to do that. Now they always mock me and say, "Use your imagination" I think Alia got irritated with me one Halloween because I wanted them to carve pumpkins using their imagination instead of using those cut out papers you can get. Now to this day the make fun of me.

Oh and who cares about the dirt. It's a constructions zone anyways. =0)


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