Friday, August 28, 2009

A Love/Hate Relationship

A few pictures of our yard all done with the new bark. You can't see it so well from these views, but there are some more detailed pictures below. We're glad to have it done!

One of my planters in front of the garage. I was so excited because these planters are actually plastic and only cost me $10 a piece. A little spray paint and viola!! I even got all the plants on clearance!! Nothing a little miracle grow can't help!!

We finally have our gate fixed!!!! Now it actually looks straight and it can withstand the crazy wind.

My potted plants by the front door. I really love arranging plants!

The front yard done with all the bark. We spent this summer laying down landscaping fabric, digging out sod, and spreading bark. We're really pleased with the results, but it was quite labor intensive!!!
Someday we'll be able to add some actual PLANTS :) Like I said, a love/hate relationship!!

*pics taken 8/25/09


Joseph and Mary + Six said...

It looks awesome Dacia!!

Team Jogan said...

Looks amazing!

Mashaide said...

It looks beautiful! It's always so nice to have your yard looking the way you want. Great job on all your hard work!

brit said...

it looks fabulous! we know all about labor and yard work around here. we r almost finished landscaping. i can't wait.

Amanda said...

I so know how you feel. Our front yard (or shall I say dirt) is going through the same thing. But everything looks amazing!

JennyMac said...

Looks so good! And love your handywork on the planter.

The Perry Family said...

That is beautiful! I love it! The fence, the bark, the grass, the potted plants, it's all so beautiful! Seriously looks amazing. I think we have similar taste:)

Dinah said...

Nice work. We have so much work to do on our yard it makes me sick. I love you plants. Any little thing in yard brings great satisfaction, don't you think?

Michael and Michelle said...

Holy Cow Guys, that IS a lot of work, it looks AMAZING! Great job! I can also appreciate your sweet find on your urn and beautiful craftiness- a girl after my own heart! Glad to see you guys are doing so well!! All the marriages, babies, life!! Miss u!


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