Thursday, August 27, 2009

While the Kids Are in School

Lexi and I went to Mesa Falls with some friends. We have some friends visiting from UT and they wanted to see the falls. This was my first time there and it was a fun trip.

Sheer drop off--yikes!

So glad that there are these rails so Lexi can see things without falling in.

Kinda scary looking straight down.

Lexi and her cheesy smile--just like Mommy!

Love the rainbow!


Such beautiful scenery!

Lexi's new friend. Lexi had fun hanging out with Rach & Carlie.

*pics taken 8/26/09


brit said...

so pretty! looks like fun! i was just thinking the other day how much i miss you guys.

becca said...

how beautiful!

Amanda said...

That is nice that you two get some alone time while the big kids are in school.


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