Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First Day of School

Believe it or not, I was up in time to get the kids ready, fed and lunch made! And we even had time to all walk to school as a family!

Kalin will now be in school full day and she's so excited! She's been a little nervous that the work would be too hard, but we've encouraged her that she'll do just fine 'cause she's so smart!!
She was so excited to have her hair in curlers last night, so she could have a cute head full of curls today! So beautiful!!

It's hard to believe we have a third grader! How fast they grow!!
Ethan wanted his entire outfit to match his new backpack and lunch pail. I think he looks rather handsome!

*pics taken 8/26/09


kristib said...

Matching his outfit to his backpack and lunch box is too adorable. I'm glad to hear that some of the enthusiasm lasts at least until 3rd grade. Seth's biggest excitement this week is getting to eat hot lunch today. The small joys...

The Ferguson Family said...

so fun that they both started school. What will you do with your self all day. Lexi is going to be bored.

The Perry Family said...

Those curls are soooo cute! And Ethan looks incredibly handsome. I can't believe he is in 3rd grade. You're getting eh....wiser. I bet your kids are the smartest kids around!

A Happy Heart Blog said...

I love those back-to-school photos! They both look cute!

Andy and Lynne said...

they look so cute! and you, my dear, so pulled together! i wish i could say the same!

Lali Johnson said...

Ethan looks dapper :)
Kalin's hair looked gorgeous. I can't believe she is old enough for first grade!
I can't believe you have a third grader either!
Time goes by too fast

Dora Thomas said...

Your yard looks awsome, all that work paid off, I saw you post on FB about it. I can believe your kids in school, they were babies when you left ABQ.

Mashaide said...

Oh time flies! My cute nieces and nephew!


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