Friday, March 13, 2009

Video Games Anyone?

What you're not supposed to play with your neck?
Silly girl, that controller is not even plugged in and you're holding it backwards!
We give her this controller and just make it look like it's plugged in so she thinks she's playing. I know, I know, I wouldn't let her play at all, but she screams her head off if she doesn't get a controller. What's a mom to do?
I just love watching Kalin play video games because she moves the entire controller when she only needs to move her fingers. It's entertaining!


Corrine said...

so cute... no worries we do the not plugged in trick to my nieces... ;)

Anonymous said...

We do the same thing with our kids. I think it's cute that she tries to play with her neck, and Kalin... I do the same thing :)

kristib said...

We played Wii at my parents' house, and we gave Seth a controller to use to "help Papa", and gave one to Esther to "help Nana". It was adorable to see how intense they were even though they weren't really in control.

Andy and Lynne said...

I love Lexi's hair in that one picture, all those curls!

Jennifer said...

Lexi's hair is getting so long.


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