Thursday, March 12, 2009

Early Morning Beauty

I just thought it was so beautiful this morning that I had to snap a few pictures! I just love it on the rare occasion that I am out during sunrise and it's a clear sky!

This is the early morning, not so beautiful photo! I was freezing this morning!


Corrine said...

It was SUPER cold today... Love the shots, but you are crazy for getting out and taking those pics. :)

Andy and Lynne said...

Now, why were you up and at em that early?!

KK said...

Pretty pictures. I love early morning light (just not getting up early in the morning to catch the light).

Kipn n' Sarah said...

Looking at that temp makes me happy I am still in Cali sometimes. I mostly want to be living in Idaho but burr is that SO COLD!!! My little bro just got accepted to BYU Idaho and will be up there in Jan or something like that, Yeah for him, maybe he will get your hubby for a teacher?

The Perry Family said...

Wow, that's still cooooold! Brr! But at least you stil get out of bed and go! You super star!

kristib said...

I know how you got down to 39 the other day, and I thought I would freeze to death... :) (come to California...)


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