Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Treats for School Store

Kalin's grade was having a "Goods and Services Mini Mall" & she had to come up with either a good or service to sale.

She came up with the idea all on her own to make cupcakes.

We bought a confetti cake mix and I helped her prepare the cupcakes.

She was so excited to get to do most of the baking and decorating herself.

She even got to pipe on the pink frosting.

She got frustrated a few times with the frosting, but overall she had a great time decorating them.

Lexi was a real big help too. Can't you tell?

Mostly she just wanted to eat them :)

Here she is with her cute creations, topped with bunny marshmallows.
She came home from school & said that she made the most money because she made 81 cupcakes & sold each one for a dollar (fake school money).
Too bad it's not real money, so I could have some ;)
She gets to spend that money on Thursday when other students bring items to sell, so we'll see what she comes home with.

*pics taken 4/18/2011


Mashaide said...

Wonder where your kids get their creativity from. She did an awesome job! Those look so yummy!

Kipn n' Sarah said...

What a great and cute idea! The cupcakes are beautiful!! Way to go girlie!

The Perry Family said...

That's awesome!! They turned out beautiful! She must be your daughter! oh and cha-ching!


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