Friday, April 22, 2011

Mr Window Skeleton

The other day, I found this guy while cleaning out the basement.

I brought him upstairs and the girls have enjoyed piecing him together on the window.

Kalin wanted my camera so she could take pictures.

This is Kalin's rendition of Mr. Skeleton.

And she had to take a picture of herself so you would know which skeleton was hers.

When Lexi finally got her turn to stick Mr. Skeleton to the window, she also wanted a picture.

Of course Kalin had to take a picture of her as well.
I'm glad that this window sticky could entertain them for the afternoon.
I just wish it could have been done with more sharing and less fighting :)

*pics taken 4/18/11


Amanda said...

So cute! It's great the simple things that kids will busy themselves with! Kalin's self portrait is too cute! Your girls are adorable!

The Perry Family said...

skeletons are festive for all times of the year, like the Easter spring season:)


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