Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Our Super Word Heros

These are our super heroes!

Love how Lexi's still watching TV in this picture?

One thing the girls really wanted for Christmas were Word Girl outfits, so I searched online for pictures of what her outfit looked like.

At first I thought I'd make the entire outfit by making some type of red leotard, but then I chose to go the easy route & bought red shirts & pants.

The girls didn't want to take these off today and even put them back on after their baths.

That makes me really happy!

And what makes me even happier is how amazed my husband is that I could make something like that so quickly & that it was exactly what they wanted.

Now I'm thinking I might need one too--it might just help me spell better ;)

Want a tutorial on how I made these, click here.

*pics taken 4/5/11


Mashaide said...

You're such an awesome mommy!

Amanda said...

How neat! I cannot show this to makenna because she will be Very jealous. She loves word girl too...I find her a bit strange. You are a great mom and have some lucky super heroes!


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