Friday, April 08, 2011


This is what I saw when I first opened my bedroom door at night...

Yes, it's a life sized Chewbaca & my husband was so proud of himself for scaring everyone with it.

This picture is just so you can appreciate the size of it & just how frightening it would be to open a door, look into a dark room and see this.

For those of you who don't know, Matthew's obviously a Star Wars fan.

His students set this up in his classroom while he had his back turned & they got him good. After being startled, he was awed by it and wanted to take it home. It's a good thing they actually bought it for him and all of them signed the back of it.

Pretty sweet of them huh?

The rest of the day Matthew spent setting it up in front of his colleagues doors & knocking on their doors and calling them out into the hall. I bet you can imagine the laughs he's gotten out of it. Of course he couldn't let us be left out on the fun.

The sad thing is I was gone until about 10pm and I didn't go straight up to my room when I got home, so the whole family was just dying keeping their mouths shut & waiting for me to go to my room and be scared. See the great things Matthew teaches the kids :)

*pics taken 4/7/11


Mashaide said...

Hilarious!!! I would have died laughing I'm sure. Gotta love your family!

brit said...

that is freaking awesome. i need one, so i can be one of those kinds of parents:)

Kipn n' Sarah said...

I always love a big kid at heart! Totally something Kip would do! How fun! What cool students to do that for him!

Amanda said...

You are lucky to have a hubby that teaches your kids to be silly and fun and goofy and scare their mommy to death. That is great!!!


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