Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Reading is Good

I LOVE that my kids love to read! I really believe it will help them in life to be good readers!
Read to or with your child today.
* picture taken 1/12/11


a happy heart blog. said...

I absolutely agree! I love it when my kids read too! This is such a sweet photo :)

Amanda said...

I was just thinking that today as well. My kids were dragging out book after book from their room and I just watched them and smiled. It is good to teach them to love it young. And it's even nicer when it comes naturally.

Kipn n' Sarah said...

Reading is SO GOOD!!! It makes me smile every time Brooke flips through a book or requests one. It makes me feel like a good mom and that my child will have a successful future. I agree!!

The Perry Family said...

I love reading with my kids! It IS so important!


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