Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas Morning

The kids were so funny on Christmas morning. They came into my room to wake me up around 8:30 am and Ethan says to me, "Mom, it's one minute to an hour that we've been waiting for you to wake up!"
Poor children, having a mom who doesn't get up early. Matthew told the kids to go back to their rooms and wait until I woke up. I would have been totally fine if my kids woke me up at 7:30 am on Christmas morning. That's way later then most kids get up on Christmas morning.
What a great husband I have, knowing I was up late wrapping presents while everyone slept, he thought it would be nice for me to get a few more winks. But I'm sure it was PURE torture for the kids too :)

Everyone on their way downstairs.
Let's be honest this is what Christmas morning really looks like with little kids--a crazy blur!

I'm just so happy that the kids' number one Christmas requests were inexpensive. Who says gifts have to be expensive? Lexi really, really wanted a squirmel (sp?) because her brother and sister have one.

Kalin really, really wanted a pet & a zhu zhu pet. Since I'm not having a real pet, this was a perfect solution. Of course she can't find it at the moment :) It must be hiding like a real pet!

Ethan wanted a Nerf gun (Thanks Vicki) and you can't have just one :) We all enjoyed some target shooting on Christmas.
I'm going to enjoy the inexpensive gifts while I can. Soon enough their going to be asking me for ipods, ipads & iphones!!
*pics taken 12/25/10

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Alida said...

I miss having my kids wake me up on Christmas morning... cherish the days and years you have left. They fly by!!


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