Thursday, December 02, 2010

Self Portrait Thursday

Sometimes I get lazy and just let my hair air dry because I'm not planning on going anywhere.
Well, I wasn't planning on going anywhere, but I ended up going to Walmart & then shoveled my driveway. So much for not going anywhere!

Well, this is my hair au naturel--wavy, poofy and kinda all over the place.

It's kinda crazy to me that my hair used to be like this every day of my life before straighteners! It was way longer too! Imagine how much poofiness that is!
Today I am thankful for straighteners & so is Matthew! Although he loves me no matter what my hair looks like, this is his prefered hairstyle :)
*pics taken 12/2/2010
(last pic taken sept. 2010)


Mashaide said...

Beautiful any way. Hey you should look into the Brazilian perm. Might save you some time having to straigten your hair all the time.

The Perry Family said...

I think it looks pretty good air dried...a lot better than mine:) And I'm thankful for straighteners too!

Kipn n' Sarah said...

I love your hair both ways! You are just beautiful no matter what and I LOVE your FAMILY wall!!!! LOVE IT!!! Can you teach me how to decorate when I move up there? I can be your project :) Just Kidding, KINDA

Kipn n' Sarah said...

O and I have that Brazilian Blowout and I LOVE IT!!!! It changed my life! For real! It is SO worth the $ in the time you save, Im just saying!

ABCollins said...

Your beautiful!! I'm thankful for straighteners too!! I love your family picture setup on the wall! Would you mind sending me a picture of it so I can see what you did. I have a huge blank wall and I don't know what to do with it! Wish your side of the family was coming here for the holidays!!


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