Sunday, October 17, 2010

Date Night

I LOVE having date night with my hubby!
It's so fun to get away every once and awhile :)

**not my best picture, but whatever!

We were able to go see Natalie Macmaster & Donnell Leahy in "Masters of The Fiddle Show" and they are AMAZING! You can click on their names to check out their sites.
We went to a concert of Natalie's about 4 years ago and loved it, so we knew this show was going to be great. They did not disappoint! Their 3 year old son even got on stage impromptu and danced. It was the cutest thing ever. Oh yeah and she played the fiddled and danced on stage while being 6 months pregnant. I can't even imagine what that would be like!
I have to admit I've always wanted to play the violin and going made me want to play even more. Of course now Matthew is encouraging me by telling me I'm not getting any younger :) Where to find the time??

*pic taken 10/16/2010


The Perry Family said...

I really need a date night! I love that you guys go on dates! And you do look good in that pic! Oh, Matthew looks handsome too!

L and L and R said...

Oh, I think you look fabulous!


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