Monday, October 18, 2010

Caramel Apples

Tonight for Family Home Evening we made caramel apples for dessert.
The kids love Caramel!

Not so easy to get that stick in the apple :)

Silly kids.

Of course I had to melt some dark chocolate too. I'm not a caramel kinda girl, but ALL CHOCOLATE baby!

Lexi loves chocolate just as much as I do :)

This is serious business with the sprinkles.
The finished product. Some of these didn't last through the night. Good thing we all made more than one so we could enjoy them again tomorrow night!

Can you tell these are YUMMY!

Ethan insisted on staying in this pose until I snapped the picture.

Um yum!

This was the third take for Matthew. He wouldn't let me put either of the first two pictures up on here. Let me just tell you that he loves to make silly faces when I take pictures!

*pics taken 10/18/2010


Joseph and Mary + Six said...

That looks like so much yummy fun! When I feel ambitious we might just try it! I'm with you on the dark chocolate! Hands down better than caramel. You have such a cute family!

Mashaide said...

Fun and yummy times!


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