Tuesday, August 03, 2010

The Case Of The Flat Tire

This is my sisters rental care that she had in San Diego and that is the donut.

Right as we were leaving the Sea World parking lot, my sister's rental car got a flat tire. Good thing we were following each other, so we could have a tire changing party!!

This was my first tire that I had to change without my hubby. So glad that I paid attention when he was showing me how to change a tire.

Of course I had to have my BUFF military sister loosen the first bolt. Those things are on tight! Sorry Belse, but preggo ladies don't get to get all dirty on the ground changing tires ;)
And this is the final product!
You'd think after an entire day at Sea World with a million kids and no Dads, we'd be bummed out when this happened, but we actually had a fun time.
I had to switch to big sister mode and save my little sister (I like to tell myself that, but really they could have done just fine without me) from the flat tire!
Thanks girls for all the fun memories!!
Remember when that crazy seagull stole our food!
Good thing you got me using explicatives on video Belse!
*pics stolen from Chelsea's blog and taken on 06/15/2010


The Perry Family said...

skills! the truth is, it would've taken me a little trial and error. I would've tried to loosen the bolts after I jacked it up. so really, you did save the day. And in my condition, I would've never gotten the bolts loose! Oh, and I wish I had a better video of the seagull attack!

Tricia said...

I'm impressed!


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