Thursday, July 29, 2010

Attack of the Balloon Octopus!

It all started when we went out to dinner for my birthday at Texas Roadhouse.

I guess Monday nights are kid night and they have a lady there that does balloon animals.
Kalin got a crown, Lexi got a flower and Ethan got the OCTOPUS!

I thought it would be funny to act like I was being attacked and pretty soon everyone wanted to do the same.

This is my lame attempt at looking scared!

Kalin, there's something on your head! AHHHH, run!

I think Matthew is the best, of course! Did you know he was in drama years ago!

Ethan is already dead. Poor guy didn't have a chance when he requested this balloon!

And there's Lexi. Who would even think of attacking this cuteness!
We love being a silly family!!
*pics taken 07/26/2010


Camille said...

too funny, I love Texas Roadhouse.

Sarah d' said...

If I ever get attacked by sea creatures, I'll know who to call for help! That looks like a HOOT! And Dacia, you look AMAZING in that color!

The Perry Family said...

sweet octopus!! You are funny people!

Kipn n' Sarah said...

I think you guys are pretty much the cutest family EVER!!! Seriously!!! I love that the first picture, where you are whatever is on the window looks like a crown on your head! Either that or a HUGE HALO!


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