Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Aspen Grove

When we were in Utah we decided to go up to Sundance & Aspen Grove for another fun FREE day.

It's so beautiful up there!!

The kids wanted to hike and go exploring. We weren't really prepared to hike, so we just did a little exploring. Next time we want to hike to Stewart falls for sure!

Ethan found this awesome rock covered in moss and he insisted on taking a picture. Such a botanist in the making!
We love the Aspen trees. They're so beautiful!
Wish our back yard looked like this :) Matthew and the kids exploring around the amphitheatre. Kalin really wanted to put on a show for us, but we didn't have the time. She's definitely a performer in the making ;)
Lexi's preferred form of transportation.
*pics taken 08/14/2010

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The Perry Family said...

what good family outings!


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