Thursday, July 15, 2010

Miracles Happen!!

Let me tell you a little about my beautiful sister Mashaide and her modern day miracle.

She's been trying to have a baby for about 17 years now and she's had so many complications. She's had 8 miscarriages, I think, and 3 ectopic pregnancies, with one resulting in losing a fallopian tube. We've come close to losing her more than once, so you can imagine that it's been a long, frustrating and dangerous process for her.

This past fall we received the news that she was pregnant again, and to tell you the truth I was mostly just worried about her life. She was told by her doctor that her pregnancy was a miracle because she had ovulated from the side with the missing fallopian tube. At her first ultrasound she found out that she was pregnant with twins. We were all very excited, but still worried at the same time. Later we received the sad news that she lost one of the twins, which was devastating for her & made me worry even more. I know, I'm a worry wart!

Almost from the very beginning, she had high blood pressure and crazy swelling, so it wasn't an easy pregnancy for her. She was admitted to the hospital right before her baby shower and she was worried that the doctors wouldn't let her leave to attend her own baby shower. With orders to be on strict bed rest, she was sent home and was able to attend. I've posted all about her baby shower in a previous post. Anyway, the Monday after her baby shower she was admitted to the hospital because her water broke. I had just returned home thinking the baby wouldn't come for another week. Boy was I wrong! I took the kids out of school and turned around to drive 4.5 hours back to her house. I missed the delivery by 45 minutes. Oh well, it was worth a try.

Oloiso (Micronesian for royalty) Makana'akua (Hawaiian for Matthew meaning "gift from God") was born 5 weeks early and spent a good amount of time in the NICU. I was fortunate enough to be able to visit him in the NICU and hold him before I had to head back home & take care of my own family.

I just wanted to post this because I believe in miracles and God does hear and answer our prayers. Even if it's YEARS later. This baby is a miracle and we're all so glad to have him in our lives. I'm so happy for my sister! She's such a good mom & I love her.

In June we (all 9 siblings) were all able to be present at this little boys baby blessing. Another great miracle! It's hard to get all of us together in one place. It was a beautiful baby blessing and this little boy will be such a blessing to his parents.

If you want to read her delivery story, click here to visit her blog.

As women we all go through different trials in trying to bear and raise children. Some women are never able to bear children of their own and have to adopt; some women experience differing levels of infertility; and some women have no problems getting pregnant.

No matter how our children come to us, they truly are a blessing from God and I hope that we'll always treat them as such. Children are not easy to raise, but if we can always remember that they came from Heaven, maybe that will help us remember we've been entrusted with God's children to love and lead.

*blessing pics taken 6/13/2010


a happy heart blog. said...

Dacia, I am so absolutely happy for your sister. What an ordeal she has gone through to be a mother, but what a blessing she has looking up at her from her arms now. I just want to give her a big hug...what an amazing, strong example she is to you and your family. Getting together, all of your family, for the his blessing was amazing. Wow! Thanks for sharing this with us and all my best to your sister. Hugs, Michelle :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this :)

The Perry Family said...

so touching. I love reminders like that. i love my sisters!!!

Mashaide said...

**Sniff...sniff*** This made me cry. It's always interesting to see how others view the things I've experienced. I love you and appreciate your love for me and all that you have done for me. You are such an amazing example and such a sweet spirit. I am so blessed with an amazing family and now a child of my own. No words could ever explain the feelings of love I have for my son. I just know I love him with all my heart and can't get enough of him. Thank you sister! You're awesome!

L and L and R said...

Thanks for sharing this story, Dacia. We have been trying for baby #2 for a year now and it has definitely been a trial....I can't even imagine waiting 17 years!!! What a blessing for your sister. I'm so happy for her.


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