Friday, April 02, 2010

Mashaide's Baby Shower

My sister asked me a long time ago if I would plan her baby shower. Of course I jumped at the chance because this is a long awaited event for her (17 years in the making-her story to come in a later post) and I wanted to make it special for her.

Now you have to know that my sister is a perfectionist like me and she also likes to go ALL OUT, just like I do! You can see the amazing baby shower she did for her daughter-in-law & then you'll know the pressure I've been under for the past few months :)
Once she finally decided on her colors (just had to throw that in Shade), she choose black & white damask with a splash of green. We had to go with neutral colors because she didn't know whether she was having a boy or girl. I guessed it would be a boy and I was right!

This is the invite (some info blocked out).
Finding paper around this joint is such a pain. Not all the invites had the same paper because we have such a great selection where I live--NOT.

This is the beautiful cake that Shendileen made and I helped (just a little) to decorate. They were chocolate cakes with 1 layer of caramel/toffee filling & 1 layer of coconut/pecan filling topped with butter cream frosting. Can I say YUMMY! The decorations come from here and here. They're edible prints that you just place on the cake. You can see our seams, but hey, we're not professionals :) This is the original design we wanted, but everyone was out of stock at the time, so we went with the swirls. I think it turned out pretty awesome!
I decided to make little fruit pizzas with kiwi and blueberries to match our color scheme. I wanted to use puff pastries, but sugar cookies were much quicker. Recipe found here. I used already prepared sugar cookie dough to make the sugar cookies, then I topped them with cream & fruit. Note: be sure not to use fat free cream cheese, it will turn out disgusting!!! Thanks to my sisters-in-laws for saving me on that one!!
This is that ever yummy addictive artichoke & spinach dip. Recipe from Tiffany Crabtree & can be found here. This is one of my favorite patterns. I have it all through out my bedroom too :) Click here to see Mashaide's brand new Pack N Play!
We made these yummy sun dried tomato pesto crostinis. Recipe with substitutions here.

This is another one of Tiffany's recipes called Salad de Maison. Click name to see recipe. We put the salad in won ton cups.

We also made chocolate won tons. Recipe can be found here.
These are our Oreo treats. I came up with the recipe myself. Again, don't accidentally use fat free cream cheese--not that tasty!

The drink table. We had water with lime slices & a kiwi/strawberry/lime/pina colada punch that I just made up a recipe for. I always love to have sugar on the edge of my cup. It always makes the drink even sweeter and it's cute too :)

Drink charms.

Love lanterns. Thanks for hanging all of these Mel!!
And of course, we have to have feathers!! Hobby Lobby is the bomb. They have a variety in their floral section and they always have 50% sales all the time. What a steal these were. They were at least $4 a piece online! I also found this cute wrapping paper to wrap the game gifts in at Roberts. Got that on sale too, they always have their 40-50% off coupons at the door.
And there they are--the pom poms. Can't do without them! Click here for a tutorial.

This is just a little something I made for my sister to put in her baby's room. I love Mod Podge!
Of course, we have to have party favors. Close up in a previous post. These were so fun to make and I just love how cute they are!
I am so thankful for all my great helpers: Mom, Janel, Aimee, Shendileen, Melody, Skrizz, Erika, Loraleen & Jeanie. You all were life savers and I couldn't have done it without you! Love to you all & thanks again.
*pics taken 3/27/2010 by Janel Olayan & Shendileen Stewart


Shannon said...

Everything looks amazing! What a wonderful job you all did. And what a fun time I missed:( But, I am so glad everything turned out so beautifully for Mashaide.

Mashaide said...

Can I just say that I might be a perfectionist but I couldn't have done a better job than you did. It was absoulutely amazing and beautiful! Everything I imagined and more. I couldn't thank you enough for everything you did. You are truly talented and skilled. Love you, keep you! That goes for all of you that helped as well. I am so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends. My life is good! LOVE...LOVE...LOVE you all!

Mashaide said...

Oh one more thing, you mentioned a picture of my pack and play but I didn't see the picture of it.

Cassie said...

So darling! I love everything!! I have the same pack n play and love it!

The Perry Family said...

That was phenomenal!!! I love you and your skills! It makes me want to do a party with you!!! Okay, really I'd just be a peon and I'd gladly take orders!! Maybe you should come help me decorate my house....when we buy one!!!


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