Friday, June 25, 2010

Kids love water!

Thanks to Auntie Amiee the kids got to have a water balloon fight! More than once!

This is the bucket 'o water balloons which Aimee spent a LONG time filling up!

This is Nani throwing balloons at everything but people :)

Naturally, when the bucket is empty, it should be filled with children.

All the little rascals involved.
I love how Kalin is posing and teaching her cousins to do the same. I swear she must take after her Aunties Mashaide and Chelsea 'cause I didn't teach her that!!

*pics taken 06/18/2010


Kipn n' Sarah said...

Ha that looks like SO MUCH FUN!!!! Those kids must have been SO DANG WORN OUT each and every night. Glad they all had fun!

The Perry Family said...

I really wanted to get home, but I miss it all so much! Thanks for posting! Love the poser pictures!


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