Saturday, June 26, 2010

Breakfast at the Shelter

This really isn't a shelter, it's my brother's house in San Diego.
We just like to call it the shelter because they usually have someone living with them and when we visit, we all try to stay at their house.

As you can imagine, meal time is pretty crazy and there's lots of food.

They set up two large folding tables and we eat in shifts. Kids then adults or kids, while adults stand :) It's crazy FUN!
You'd think with all these people that we'd eat whatever, but my SIL sure knows how to cook!
We had Belgium waffles, German pancakes, bacon, bacon in brown sugar, scrambled eggs, fried eggs, & fresh squeezed OJ (thanks Lex!)
I'm already missing the fact that someone else did all the cooking!

This is sweet little crazy Jazzy whom we all love so much!
She really likes bacon and that's about all she wanted to eat!
*pics taken 06/19/2010


Rolyndia said...

I want to go next time! That looks like a blast!

The Perry Family said...

YUM! That was a grubbin' breakfast! And yes, the best part was that somebody else cooked it! Thanks Erika!


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