Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Utah Alba Family

On our way back to Idaho we were able to stop and see Matthew's brother Anthony and his family. Here are a few pictures of the kids and their cuteness.

Don't you just love the cute curls on these cute girls?
The girls all coloring and eating snacks.
Ethan loves to cuddle! See, Matthew did take some pictures too :)

Can you see that Lexi doesn't want to participate. This is her "trying not to smile" face. Too cute!

More cousins! Our kids are so lucky because between both our families, I think they have about 49 cousins. And everyone's not finished having kids. CARAZY!

I just had to include this picture because Kalin took it. She took three, the other two had perfect positioning, but this happened to be the best picture of all of us and Anthony almost lost his head :). Gotta love the pictures taken from below.
This is Matthew's brother Anthony and his beautiful wife Tiffany.

*pics taken 01/03/10

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