Monday, January 04, 2010

Christmas Day

Ethan and Kalin decided to write the letter together & it's so cute. They didn't want to milk to go bad, so they just left a glass and told Santa where to find it.
Matthew slept through Santa's visit!
Ethan was up past midnight, so Matthew was asleep before him :)
I don't mind because they don't get up until at least 8am. Funny kids are such late sleepers, even on Christmas.

Ethan was so wanting this night light. It's so cool because it projects the planets when it's dark.

Kalin checking out what's in the stocking.

Lexi digging for candy in her stocking. I think she ate half of her KitKats all in one day :)

Lexi kept telling me over and over that she wanted a stick horse. Good thing Toys R Us had them "buy one and get one free". Now she can ride hers with a friend!

This is how Ethan's school gift was wrapped. So cute! I just love the ornaments they make us at school each year.

The kids doing the happy dance when all the gifts were opened. Lexi didn't even bother, she's diggin in!

The aftermath that I got to clean up. I always love getting my house back together after all the festivities. Nothing like order!!

*pics taken 12/24/09 & 12/25/09


Tiff said...

I also love the little ornaments that the kids make at school for us parents. They're one of my favorite things to put on the tree. Hey, where did you find that night light with the planets? I would love to get one for my boys' room.

Mashaide said...

My nieces and nephew are so cute! Love you guys!


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