Monday, December 28, 2009

Holiday Treats

Matthew was coming down the stairs and decided that this picture needed to be taken, so I obliged. He loved how it showed my treats with the mess surrounding me :)
Every year we love to make and eat holiday treats.
I always like to try new things that look extra yummy.
Here are the recipes I picked this year...
Honey-roasted peanut butter bars with chocolate ganache
(I used fudge chocolate cake, semi-sweet chocolate chips & regular crunchy peanut butter)
I figured why not use what I have instead of buying the exact ingredients.
This recipe was super yummy and we LOVED it! We'll definitely make this again.
It's like an extra yummy peanut butter bar with chocolate!!

We really liked this one too. The filling is cream cheese and honey! What's not to LOVE about that.

Chocolate snickerdoodle drops
(I had to guess on some parts of the posted recipe because the online recipe was incomplete)
This one I'm sure would be better if the recipe was correct.
They were okay and I did the best with what the recipe did say :)
(I used strawberry marshmallows)
What's not to love about rice crispy treats!! I love these so much more with flavored marshmallows. I had to give as many of these away as I could otherwise I would have eaten the ENTIRE pan myself :0

Ummm, I'm hungry all over again!! Wish I still had some to eat!!

I had to pull double time at the gym just so I could enjoy these!

*pics taken 12/24/09


Mashaide said...

YUM! YUM! YUM! We made treats to give away too this year. But I think I forgot to take pictures of them. =0(

Leila said...

These look fantastic! Nice work Dacia!


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