Monday, December 14, 2009

Locks of Love

Last week Ethan got his hair cut and Kalin was sad she wasn't getting hers cut. After discussing it with Matthew, we decided that she could cut her beautiful locks. We figured that she's young and could always grow them back if she wanted. She mostly wanted to look like her best friends who have really short cuts.

Last picture of her long hair. Excited to get her hair cut.

Trying to see if there's enough to send to Locks of Love.
Kalin's new do and her beautiful long locks that she sent off to Locks of Love.
She really wanted to keep it because she thought it was so cool, but when I showed her the Locks of Love website and told her all about where her hair would go, she was all for it.
*pics taken 12/12/09


Tiffany said...


brit said...

ahh she looks so cute! that's about how old kaylee was when she did it, i think she was 6. it is still someting she is proud of.

John and Trina Busch said...

sad but so cute. I donated mine too, when I cut it last year. I think her long hair was fun but its probably way easier short!

Mashaide said...

Ah her hair is cute but I loved her long hair. I guess it goes to a good cause anyways. The hair do really does look good on her though.

Yoli said...

That is so cute and such a great act of service!

Simply, Sarah said...

I love her hair both ways. I donated hair to Locks of Love a few years ago too, but didn't really appreciate how it would bless someone so much.

We're dealing with leukemia with one of our children, so I'm seeing a LOT of very sick kids at the hospital we're in. I've seen at least one beautiful girl with a beautiful wig, and I know the person who will receive your daughter's hair will be so grateful.

Britt Bravo said...

I linked to your post on my post about Locks of Love for WE Volunteer:


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