Sunday, November 22, 2009

Shopping with kids at Walmart

This is Lexi's idea of shopping at Walmart.

Matthew went to the toy section to look for a toy and when it was time to go, this is how we found Lexi.

I couldn't resist taking this picture!
She ignored every attempt to get her to come with us, so eventually she had to be picked up and put screaming in the cart! That was lots of fun :)

Matthew said, "Well now you know what to get her for Christmas." I told him the fascination with the toy would only last a day, so if she wants to play with it, I'll just have to take her back to Walmart :)
*pics taken 11/21/09


The Perry Family said...

this is how my kids shop too!

Lali Johnson said...

My kids do that same thing! I totally thought I was the only one :)

Amanda said...

Must be a kid thing, because there mine would be, right next to yours, chelsea's and lali's. I have often thought about just taking my kids to the store for play time in the toy section, because you are right, the fascination wears off as soon as they are home and it is out of the box for a few hours.

Mashaide said...

That is hilarious! But so true. My girls only like the toys when they are in the store. Once you get it home well, they'd rather play outside. That's why I don't buy them very many toys any more.


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