Saturday, November 21, 2009

Girls Night!

We got to go see the New Moon movie on Friday and it was a blast!
There were nine of us and we got split up between two theaters.
Who knew that the tickets we bought would have a theater assigned to it! Of course they didn't tell us that until we were up at the door, so we didn't have time to exchange tickets with someone else. Oh well, the movie was great and we got to hang out at Cold Stone after.
Thanks ladies for a fun night!
Should we do this again in June? Did someone say Eclipse?
I'm so fortunate to have such awesome friends to hang out with!
*pics taken 11/20/09


Dora Thomas said...

I went also with 9 girls to watch the movie. First dinner and then, we had to be in line for 1 hr before to sit together. Love girls night out.

Tiff said...

That was a lot of fun. I am definitely up for it in June, or anytime!

kristib said...

You have a great talent of making good friends wherever you go. I still haven't seen it, but soon...

Tiffany said...

I'm so glad I was still here to see it with such a fun group of girls, bummed I had to miss out on Cold Stone though, oh well such is life. I may have to make a trip back just to see Eclipse with everyone.

Shannon said...

Leila, Jessie and I went for our girl's night out too. They actually had it in our small town. We had fun too.


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