Friday, September 25, 2009

The Final Reveal

Remember this post where I dug up the grass?
Well, I'm finally done with the paving job that I dug up the sprinkler for in the first place--and boy am I glad!!

This is the before picture, where we started digging up the dirt. Thankfully, Matthew had already killed the grass in this area long ago. Sure makes the digging a ton easier!!

This is the lovely hole we dug together--awwwe, the love :)

Then we layed down some weed fabric and sand. This picture was taken before we had all the sand we really needed. It was a pain to get the sand level. :[

This is the final product after I had to take some of the bricks back up and put in the steel edging. The bricks had no support and I was going to edge anyway, so it worked out. I just hadn't planned on edging until next spring. Did you know that a piece of 20' steel edging is really heavy to drag around by yourself? Well, now you know!

This is what it looks like from the front.

Now just imagine that you can see lots of beautiful flowers in the flower beds, trees in the background landscaping & a beautifully designed raised garden bed garden! Doesn't all that just look beautiful in your head? It does in mine!!
I wouldn't say that this is the best paving job, nor the most level or flat, but hey, it's done! And the best thing is I didn't have to pay anyone to do it! I just had to hurt every muscle in my body & work on it for. ev. er! Nothing can be done all at once when you have little ones :)
If you ever want a crazy good workout for your thighs, just do some squats with a really heavy square paver and you'll be hurtin for days!

*pics taken 9/19/09 & 9/25/09


Andy and Lynne said...

I can see those flowers in the flower beds and they are gorgeous!! :) you amaze me, you are super woman! It does look great!

Tiffany said...

WOW!! You did a great job. Wanna come to some in my backyard? Bet I already know the answer to that one.: )
It will look so great when all your amazing ideas get planted.

Joseph and Mary + Six said...

That looks awesome!! I don't have anything else to say!!

JT42 said...

looks fantastic! way to go!

The Perry Family said...

I was totally laughing on the inside as I read this post. You kill me. It looks AWESOME and so does the vision! Love the ideas! Thanks for doing another project, I live through you....I mean, I can relate as I read your posts and think of the last project I did.

Leila said...

Nice job! Holy smokes that was a lot of work. You are amazing.

Mashaide said...

You did a really good job! And yes, I can see how beautiful it will look once you get all your flowers in. YEAH, you did it!

Amanda said...

Amazing! Really! People like you make me feel motivated to do these sorts of things myself. Someday...


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