Thursday, June 11, 2009

Library Time

It may not look like they're at the library, but they are. Our library has some fun summer programs going on this year and the kids are so excited to participate. This week they got free Popsicles and to watch a Polynesian dance show. Kalin couldn't keep still the entire time because she wanted to show me how she could dance just like them. They had a blast and after they got more books--of course!

They joined the summer reading program and they've been reading like crazy! Ethan gets 2 or 3 chapter books at a time and is ready to get more the next day. It's been great because he also reads Kalin's books to her. I'm lovin that he can read!!!

Have you checked out your local library to see what they're doing this summer?

*pics taken 06/09/09

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