Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Walking Backwards in the Snow!

I saw that it was raining and decided to go pick up Ethan from school. Well, I barely got out of our subdivision and saw him walking backwards. He didn't see me until he turned the corner because he was backwards walking. Anyway, when he got in the van I asked him why he was walking backwards and he told me it was to keep the snow out of his face. That's pretty clever if you ask me! The funny thing is that he walked that way home the entire way. He did assure me that he would turn around before crossing the street--thank goodness!


Team Jogan said...

that's awesome! :)

Carolee said...

Visiting from Twitter Moms. What a cute story!

I know someone that drove home about 3 miles backwards when her transmission went in her car!

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The Perry Family said...

He is such a funny kid, and just too smart and clever!

Mashaide said...

You know there is never a dull moment with Ethan. I love it!


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