Saturday, April 25, 2009

Portuguese Man Of War

These are pictures of Ethan's animal report that he did at school on Friday. Don't say anything about his hair--he won't let me cut it!

We got to walk around the classroom asking questions of the kids and it was a lot of fun to listen to all their answers. Did you know anything about the Portuguese man of war?

My son has informed me that the Portuguese man of war is in fact, not a jelly fish, but rather four kinds of polyps living together.
Very fascinating kind of animal if you ask me, but it's his new obsession. What'cha gonna do? Better obsession than others he could have :)

This is the image that Ethan saved to his folder on our computer.

Now you can say you've heard of this type of animal.


Mashaide said...

I think that's the style now to have long raggity hair. Kodi wouldn't let us cut his either but we did anyways (even though he's 23 yrs old). =0)

Olayan Family said...

"don't say anything about the hair" Before I read that I was thinking I might have to make a trip up there to cut it myself:)

Jennifer said...

Wow. My nephew is so smart. Love him.

The Perry Family said...

I really wish I could come and hear him give his info on all his projects, like his science fairs. I love how proud and informed he is. You gotta have hair like that when you're a kid. I think my hair is still like that! Good job Ethan! We love you!


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