Saturday, April 25, 2009

End of the Year Dance Recital

I know I've posted lots of pictures and videos from Kalin's dance performances, but I can't resist. This was her final performance of the year and Grandpa was there to see it. She was a super star!!

She was born a natural poser! Wonder where she gets that Shade and Belse?


Olayan Family said...

I love all the videos of her performances. Where is one from this recital? So stinkin' cute!

Mashaide said...

She is perfect! I love how she keeps flipping her hair. That'a princess fo sure.

She definitely has Olayan blood. Oh and I think Bels has me beat on posing. Right Bels? Help me out here. =0)

Jennifer said...

That is so cool that Gary could be there for that.

Trish said...

She is sooo cute!
Lanessa keeps asking me when she gets to do ballet (i'm thinking this summer...maybe)

The Perry Family said...

Well, if you're born a poser, you can't hide it, so let it shine twiddle! Aleah and I love watching her recital videos! She is sooooooooooooo cute and she moves like such a little woman! Good job sweetheart!

Anita & Mike Miller said...

I loved watching her dace. she is great! Dacia, don't erase yourself from the ability to pose: all of you are great posers!


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