Sunday, March 01, 2009

Spiderman Scary!

Lexi has just recently started saying “spiderman scary”. I’m not sure where she got that from, but we were at Walmart last Tues shopping and she saw a spider man piñata. Every time she saw it she said "spiderman scary" and would bury her head to hide from it. Well, this morning she was saying it over and over again. Who knows why! Anyhow, she decided that she had on a spiderman dress and kept pointing at her dress saying "spiderman". Apparently she wasn't afraid of herself being spiderman. Silly girl!

Later, when we were trying to figure out what she was pointing at when she said "spider man scary", we decided it was the halloween spider web that she was remembering. She kept pointing to where the web was during halloween time. I guess we've traumatized our daughter by putting up that spider web and now dressing her like a spider person! Poor thing. Will she ever recover?


John and Trina Busch said...

I love her little voice. She is adorable! I was always told that little kids under around 3-4 didnt have a good memory, yeah right! Melanie remembers where everything we dont want her getting into is, and Lexi knows where you put the spider web up at halloween 5 months ago!

Sarah d' said...

I don't know how you ever leave the house with that much cuteness in one little package around! I'd just want to sit and stare at her all day and make her say mundane words so I could hear them transformed into adorableness!

The Perry Family said...

Lexi, your cousin says, You are Cute!!! I wish we could just reach into the computer screen and squeeze your little cuteness! Ooo, I can barely stand it!

Kipn n' Sarah said...

My goodness she is so stinkin cute it kills me! I love little kid voices, JUST LOVE THEM!!! Totally funny that she still remembers the web! her spiderman dress is super cute too!

Amanda said...

Too funny! She just sounds so cute! And it's hilarious that she remembers that web well enough to be scared still.

Shannon Christensen said...

Yes you have traumatized her and she will bring it up when she turns 13. Beware!


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