Thursday, February 26, 2009

Valentine Party

This is only two weeks late!

Kalin got to lead a class song.
Kalin was way excited to have us there for her class party. She had to have Lexi sit with her.

Lexi got to go to each station with her and Kalin loved totting her around.

What a great big sister, helping her play the games too.

Lexi thought she was big stuff hanging with the Kindergarteners!

YUM! There were lot of goodies as you can imagine!

Kalin passing out her valentines to each class member.


Mashaide said...

So precious! Aren't big sisters wonderful?

Trish said...

Too cute! Looks like they had fun!

The Perry Family said...

Holy cow those kids are loaded with all the good Valentine goodies they gave each other! Those girls are too cute and I can see the pride in the girls' faces. Uh, in that game picture, that boy isn't looking too excited.


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